Friday, June 15, 2012

Roles as seen by the Kid

I just was looking through the Dude's take home work and found the CUTEST ever house with flaps and each flap has a person in the house. Then you flip it and he wrote down their roles/chores. 

So I flip hubby's first and wow, what a list. 

Yard Work (we have someone mow cause his allergies, but he keeps up with watering the flowers, planting, etc.)
Laundry (yes ladies be jealous, hubs is the laundry guy)
Fixing Lunch and Breakfast (yes, he fixes lunch and breakfast for the dude Mon-Fri)
Getting me ready (the dude)
Shopping (and yes ladies, he does the grocery shopping, too). 

After reading his, I wasn't sure I wanted to go on, I mean most of the chores were taken and the dude obviously thinks Hubs does a LOT around the house. Glutton for punishment I am I read on. 

Cooking (phew, he realizes that I do cook once in a while)
Getting the girls ready for the day
Taking care of us when we are sick

Okay, so my list is not as big, but he could have added load/unload dishwasher cause I swear I do that 1-2 times a day, the dishes are never ending. 

The Dude wrote for himself: 
School (cause we tell him that is his job all the time)
Taking out Recycleables

Sadly, the girls don't have chores yet, but soon.There were cute pictures, too. Like kid laying in bed and words "are you okay", hubs picture with "nice play" and dude saying "I want ice cream" too. 

It is so cool to see how they see us through their eyes.