Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Photography Blog

I was looking at a photogrpahy blog of a girl I know, I had only just now realized she had a blog and started her photography business. I always knew she took great pictures, just hadn't realized she was doing it professionally now. In her blog, I happened on a picture of Christopher and is it so cute. She specializes in weddings, maternity, babies, kids, and children's birthday parties. Which is a great idea, so you're not running around trying to get pictures at their birthday party and can enjoy it more or like me for his second where I forgot my camera. Doh! The picture was from his patching days (which are not over, will update in a new post) at a birthday party for his friend Mari in September. She really captured a cute shot of Christopher, his cupcake and the best blueberry gelato ever on his lap and his hand in his mouth.
Check it out on her blog: Amanda Olson Photography
Amanda is a great photographer, she took the Father's Day pictures of Christopher from last year. They turned out so cute despite my grumpy boy that day. She put them in a montage and emailed them to me. I added a poem and printed as an 8X10 and it was a great present for hubby. Hmmm, she is running a $50 special right now, I might need to get some pictures of Christopher done.

Ah, Pool Season

Our pool opened up before the trip to California, but we did not manage to get in before we left. So yesterday Christopher finally got into the pool. I left him there with the neighbor and went home to finish steam cleaning the carpets, joy, not! He is such a little fishy, I am sure we will continue our tradition from last year and visit the pool almost every day now. Last year we went every weekend and almost every day after school. And, the bonus was he slept SOOOO good last night! He plays so hard in the pool, it always makes him sleep well. Yay! He had been off since our return from Cali/Las Vegas and not wanting to go to sleep at night and then being dead to the world still at 845/9:00 am. It was pretty hard getting him up.
Funny for the day (yesterday) is our neighbor asked us what we did in Vegas and he said, "We visited the casinos." No mention of the family picnic or the family dinner or anything, just the casinos, how embarrassing. Just makes me wonder what he tells his classmates at school.

The pic of the day is a flashback from the fist time Christopher was at the neighborhood pool:
First Time in Pool
This is toward the end of that first summer:
Pool 2004

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Brother's Wedding

My younger brother Aaron got married this past weekend. He married his long time girlfriend Patty. Christopher got to have the honor of being the ring bearer. He really wanted to marry Patty, but settled as the ring bearer. Christopher has been saying for over a year that Patty is his girlfriend and that he was marrying her. The colors were fuschia and black and the wedding was very pretty. Christopher wore a black suit with a pink fuschia bow tie. He was one of the cutest ring bearers you will ever see, of course I am biased.
They got married in Lancaster, CA at Cascades at Rancho Vista. Lancaster/Palmdale area of Californis is where I am originally from.
Me and Aaron:
Aaron and Carly
Chris and Aaron:
Aaron and Chris
The Wedding Guys:
The Guys
Chris and Christopher:
C and C

Monday, June 9, 2008

Quarter Update

Christopher is fine from the quarter incident. He had a belly ache for just a day. We never actually saw the quarter again, but we assume that all is okay. I am wondering if maybe he either 1) swallowed something other than a quarter, perhaps a dime or nickel, 2) never swallowed anything and it was all a rouse to get to come home from school, or 3) really did swallow. Who knows?!?!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Always Exciting

Another exciting day. Christopher was at day care yesterday and decided it would be a good idea to swallow a quarter.
I was in training all afternoon, so they ended up getting hold of Chris to pick him up. I got the call after Chris was almost at the day-care. He was complaining that his belly hurt. Really, huh? Ya think! Well he took him home while I finished up at the office. The doctor said as long as he can eat/drink normally there is not much we can do. We need to make sure he passes it, but not anything else.
Christopher and I had a long talk about not eating/swallowing things that don't belong in his mouth and that if it had been worse he might have missed his trip to California. He wouldn't have been too happy about that.
He is back to normal today, thank goodness. Not sure that he learned his lesson as I caught him this evening putting a water bottle cap in his mouth. We never had these issues when he was a baby, why now?

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Suit

We went to a Simchat Bat on Sunday, a jewish baby naming ceremony. Friends of our had a little girl a few weeks ago. It was so neat to see how they came up with her name. I got a little teary-eyed when they explained how they chose the name. It was such a beautiful ceremony.
I took advantage of the opportunity to get dressed up and Christopher wore the suit that I had bought on clearance for $7. It was so, so cute on him.


Sunday, June 1, 2008

Last T-Ball Game

Christopher had his last T-Ball game of the season Saturday and he played pretty well. Much better than the first game. The first ball he hit really well and made it to first, they played with outs this time, so thank goodness he made it. He made it the second time, too and hit it even further. They switch positions up, so the first time out he played on the pitcher mound. He had almost every ball hit to him. He missed two, but the rest he managed to stop and throw to first. Here is my first video I am posting with him getting the ball and throwing to first, first baseman caught it, too! The next time out he was in the outfield and no balls made it to him. He really enjoyed the T-Ball season.