Saturday, March 28, 2009


Can we say girl crazy? Just a tad bit. C had a sitter tonight, a 14 year old from around the corner. Real sweet, cute girl. So when we get home she tells me he told her how pretty she was and told her she was very cute and asked her to spend the night. Asked her if he was going to get to see her tomorrow. He is such a flirt and so girl crazy at 5, wonder what it will be like at 10, 15? Very scary just to think about. He had been asking for us to have her babysit ever since we got her number a few weeks ago. Pretty sad when your kid is so enthralled with the babysitter he couldn't even say goodbye or give us a hug and kiss.
This week he also got all googly eyed over the cover of the Swimsuit Edition of Sports Illustrated while we were checking out at Barnes and Noble. Just plain girl crazy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Crafting Away...

I decided to get crafty today. I made a tutu from a tutorial here. I will give it to Gabby, Elysia’s little cutie pie. After making the tutu, I decided to make something for C. I had this cool red shiny costume fabric from an old uncompleted project and decided to make capes. I made one for C and one for Gabby’s brother Derrick. I made the necks too big and that fabric was really hard to sew, but they will be alright.
Here is the tutu and C modeling the cape.




C funny of the day (well not that funny, but he was trying to be funny): He decided that he wanted to make-up a joke. So he said, “Why did the boy sleep with his legos?” I said I don’t know. He said, “So he could play with them when he woke up silly.”
Here he is with Eamon showing off the ships they built.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

On the Savannah

C went to the doctor this week for his 5 year physical. Yes, we are late since he is almost 5 ½. He was late on the last one, too. He had his 4 year old one last May so he could get his shots to go to summer camp and then school. We hadn’t really seen the need to follow-up in October with another well visit. He did great at the docs, but was very worried that he was going to get a shot and he didn’t, so that made him super happy. He did get a finger stick which totally stressed him out, but that ended up not hurting at all.
His eye exam went well, they said he has 20/25 vision and his hearing is good. He has grown a bit from the last measurements. I think he was 45 inches and 38 pounds. He is now 46 ½ inches tall and broke the 40 pound mark at 40.6 pounds. So he is 50th percentile for weight and 80th percentile for height and staying on his growth curve which is awesome. The doctor was really funny and loved him and gave him lots of high fives and talked with him a lot to check his development. She LOVED it when she asked where do lions live and he said without a moment of hesitation, “on the Savannah”. She said she normally gets zoo, jungle, forest. So she was pretty impressed. She asked him what do lions, bears, giraffes, tigers and elephants have in common that we don’t have. (She stumped me on that one; I was going to say fur until she got to elephant). He said without hesitation “Tails”. Love it!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Been a while....

I am guessing that my thoughts of keeping the blog updated are really not working very well this year. Hopefully these posts about catching up will become something of the past, but looking at my track record, I rather doubt it.
Here are the latest updates:
We put the house on the market. It took a few months of procrastination on my part and packing on Hubby’s part, but we have it on the market. There have been quite a few showing so far, but no bites yet. We hope to move just one or two towns away, easing my commute a bit to/from work. It will also hopefully put us closer to C’s school. We have been busy trying to do some projects/painting the last two weeks it has been on the market and slowly looking at new houses.
We are ONE step away from being licensed to foster parent. We are pretty excited about this and wonder what this journey will bring us. We are hoping to eventually adopt a foster child and hope this will happen in the next year or two. I wonder if/when we will get a call. I joked today that we might get a call while hubby is home alone and C and I are out in California, I can totally see him playing Mr. Mom for the week.
Hubby got laid off and started a new job. It was very stressful and the layoff was a complete surprise. But, he/we were very lucky and he found a new position right away. He is now testing electronic data capture software for clinical trials. So we both work in clinical trials. He is lucky and gets to work from home, which I secretly (well, now not so secretly) am hating on him for. At least he does laundry while working ;-)
C is doing really well in school. He is starting to read a lot more. He wowed me last night by reading the word “together” without any prompting. His teacher works really hard with the kids on reading and I think our nightly readings help, too. He is counting past 100 now. Still skipping a number here and there sometimes, but doing well. He got his first report card and got all 3’s except in fine motor skills where he got a 2. I think that is very, very good. He has still kept his green streak for behavior. (They get a stamp report on how they are doing every day on their folder, green (good), yellow (a few warnings), red (disruptive behavior), and blue (principal office)). C has only ever gotten green.

All the ways....

All the ways….that I can say I love you! C is such a loving dude and he loves to tell us how much he loves us and comes up with totally creative ways to say it.
One of my faves now is “Mom, I love you as many numbers as there is in the number line.”
Here are some other cool ones:
I love you to the moon and back.
I love you all the way to the sun.
I love you to California, Hawaii and back to North Carolina.
I love you to Hilton Head.
I love you four hundred billion miles. (This is a lot!)
I love you as hot as the sun.
I love you the most in the whole wide world.
I love you all over the United States of America.
Occasionally I will get an “I love you more than”…usually followed by…my toys….my legos…my Nintendo DS (Big one!)

He asked me the other day why I loved him. He just wants a short answer and I tell him how cool and loving and sweet he is or something like that. He is all that and more. I love that he is oh so loving and is always ready with a kiss or a hug or some sweet words.