Thursday, September 6, 2012

Placement Hearing

Charlie’s placement hearing was supposed to be today. I actually didn’t even know it was today until I got a call asking for what her full name will be. Turns out, it got delayed until the 27th. One of the workers had an emergency with another child. I am so glad she is not our first placement/adoption or I would be worrying my head off right now.
It is my understanding that the placement hearing is simply her worker, our worker, the adoption resourcing team, the adoption supervisor and other family service employees. They discuss our profile, her profile and formally agree to the adoption, begin the adoption application, and staff the adoption. Staffing means who will be our long term adoption worker, etc. In my mind, it is all a formality.
Her parents have relinquished specifically to us, the workers and GAL all agree her best interest is to remain with us. I really would not have known it was even being discussed/happening if they didn’t need to know what her adoptive name will be.
But, it is delayed now until September27th, but likely I won’t even hear anything that day. As time goes slowly, I am estimating that adoption paperwork will be ready to file sometime in late October/early November and then finalization 4-12 weeks after that. I heard M’s was so fast because it was summer and they had interns and things move quicker in the summer, so maybe we will be finalized in late 2012, more likely early 2013.
I am really Zen about the whole process right now. I am 99% sure she isn’t going anywhere else, can’t wait until I am at 100%, but it’s not much longer.