Thursday, July 31, 2008

Surfer Boy Pictures

Here are some pictures of my Surfer Boy!

He was a surfer boy!

This past weekend we took a trip down to the beach with some of our friends from our playgroup. We stayed down at Carolina Beach, NC. The house was a 3 bedroom, 1 bath with a yard, patio, and grill. It was all right, probably wouldn't stay there again, but it was CHEAP and walking distance to the Beach and Boardwalk. We got down on Friday and ate dinner and then put the kids to bed and stayed up playing cards and listening to music. Saturday Elysia’s kids woke us up at the crack of dawn yelling and playing and then proceeded to go back to bed until ten. (Yep, I am totally hating on her because her kids are such good sleepers). Mine would not go back to sleep so I cooked breakfast while Christopher and Stefan watched TV. After breakfast we got ready for the beach just in time for Lita to arrive with Malaya and we all headed down to the beach. It was a lot of fun. The kids played a lot and then we went back for lunch, nap, and dinner. After putting the kids to bed, we played cards again and went to bed too late. Sunday was much the same, got up, cooked breakfast, then beach time. The rain storms threatened our beach time, but thankfully passed in time for us to go. The kids loved being buried in the sand, playing on the shore, playing in the sand, and running around. Christopher loved all that, but loved being in the water the most. He had gotten a boogie board for being a good boy at camp all week. I wanted him to have it so bad that I was really hoping he would behave so he could get it. The water had been a little rough Saturday and Sunday, but we still had fun.
Then Monday came and we trekked down to the beach one last time before leaving. Chris and I took Elysia's kids with us while they slept in. We hit Britt’s Donut Shop on the Boardwalk for some of the best donuts I had ever had in my entire life. Christopher totally agreed, albeit in his shorter life. Then we headed to the beach. This was the earliest we had gotten out there all weekend, even after sleeping until 8:30 am, woohoo! The water was so calm. Christopher stayed out in the water probably two hours surfing on his boogie board and loving life. He kept saying stuff like: "I have been surfing my whole life", "I am such a good surfer", "I love surfing", "I am going to be a surfer when I grow up". It was adorable. I loved being at the beach. I am also so proud of myself for going to the beach for three days and not getting sunburned. Thank goodness.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hubby's Birthday Cake

I hadn't made a cake (decorated) since C's 3rd birthday. At the last minute I decided to make a cake for Chris' birthday party, so I thought I would share a picture of the cake. It is an North Carolina State Basketball Cake. I used a great recipe for the frosting called Magnolia's Vanilla Buttercream Frosting and it tasted soooooo good. The cake was a moist pound cake type cake that was made with a cake mix with added pudding, eggs, flour, butter and more. I really like the taste of Edible Art cakes and while I could never decorate a cake that well, I swear the cake tasted as good.

Here it is:
Bday Cake

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


C had an accident at summer camp. It was bound to happen at some point. Poor kid, made it to the bathroom but didn't get his peepee pointed in the right direction at the right time and boom! pee down the pants. Unfortunately, I guess a few kids saw that he had peed his pants before the counselor could figure out that for the last three weeks I have been packing a pair of extra pants in his backpack on the small chance this would happen. So Christopher is telling me about it and says, "They laughed and teased me and made me feel like a freak!". Um, excuse me, what did my 4 year old just say? Freak? Really now, he is growing up way too fast, he sounds like a 2nd grader. Of course, just like the dodge ball incident, I got all protective and was sad for my little guy. Chris was not so understanding and sad for C. He said, see, maybe next time you won't pee your pants, they won't tease you if you don't pee your pants.
The dodge ball incident was that they play dodge ball at camp. This is a completely new game to C. He told me he got hit in the head and his head hurt. I remember dodge ball and how much I hated it and wanted to get all protective. Chris told him, you need to get out of the way of the ball. Luckily the situation resolved itself the next day when C came running to me and tells me he knows what he was doing wrong in dodge ball, standing too close to the line. Problem solved without mommy's help.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Two More Wedding Pictures

We got some more wedding pictures and I had to share two that I absolutely love! My little man looks so grown up! I knwo I am partial, but he is one handsome kid. Almost every picture he took at the wedding was great. Everyone commented on how photogenic he is.

My Handsome Dude

Mom and C

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dry or Secondary Drowning

This happened to my co-worker's nephew and I wanted to pass it along for those few of you who read my blog as a public service announcement. She lost her nephew this past weekend on July 13. The death has been attributed to secondary drowning. He died Sunday and the autopsy was done yesterday. It is so sad. They said they went to the pool for a family get together and the boy (age 6) said he felt funny after the pool and said he needed a breathing treatment (he has asthma). After the breathing treatment he told his cousin, go get my mom and when she got to the room, he had passed out. My co-worker did CPR on him for 10-15 minutes until help arrived and the paramedics worked on him for ten minutes but never got him breathing. The took him by ambulance to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. He had thrown up after the breathing treatment. Apparently the breathing treatment exacerbated the problem.
I hadn't realized you can drown after being out of the pool. I saw online that kids ingest the water and it can cause them to drown hours (up to 72) after being in the pool. I wanted to make people aware of this after this evry sad event that my co-worker went through. They ingest 4 ounces (24 teaspoons), the symptoms to look for are: coughing, trouble breathing, pain.
Not my co-worker's nephew, but here is an article on the local news about a boy who died in SC of the same thing.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I had said a few weeks ago I would update on the patching and well, forgot. We went to go see his eye doctor and find out how his eye was doing. He had surgery about 15 months ago for strabismus. For about 6 months before the surgery and ever since we have needed to patch his left eye. Before the surgery we needed to do it 6 hours a day, 7 days a week, which was kinda hard with a just turned 3 year old. Then after it was more like 3 hours a day, 7 days a week. Chris and I got real lax with it and hadn’t done it consistently before this last appt . Well, his eye sight is now 20/40, possibly 20/50. He can see really good out of both eyes at close distances but one you get to far vision, his right eye misses a line that his left can do that would put him at 20/20. The doctor really thinks he can get his eye sight closer to normal with patching and training his right eye to see by patching the left. So, I went and got some new patches which I really like more than the OrtoPad we had been using. I saw a little kid with a cool patch and asked her mom where she got them. The poor mom barely spoke English and I thought she kept saying Fresno Prism, but the beauty of the internet is that you can find anything is you remotely know what you are looking for. It was Fresnel Prism and their designs are just slightly cooler than OrtoPad, but they stick soooo much better so I have a feeling that we can get our 20-25 hours of patching in each week. We have remembered almost every day since the last eye appt. Here is a pic of the little man with a patch on.

Mimi and C

ETA: They added 4 new designs when I went to look just now, so next time footballs and lizards. This past time we got flames, stars, spiders, and trucks.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tanner Nikole

Introducing Tanner Nikole. She was born on Saturday July 5th at 9:44 PM and weighed in at 7 pounds, 11 ounces and was 20 1/2 inches long. Same length as my baby C was and just a mere ten ounces heavier than he was.
She is adorable and is still real pink and has cute, cute, cute red hair.
I can't wait to meet her, but it will probably be several months before we get out to California again to see my family. We have gone already twice this year.

Tanner Nikole