Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our newest family member

We got a new puppy this past weekend. Ever since we went out to California a few years ago, C has wanted a Chihuahua. We found one that is 9 months that someone was getting rid of. She is still too much baby for Hubby, but it was the best I could find and her name already started with a C so it was meant to be, right? She walks well on a leash, but still has some training needed. So far C is in love with her, she sleeps with him and he just dotes on her, it is very sweet. The big boy Calvin likes tolerates her.

Calvin and Cupcake:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Trunk or Treat

I went to the local mommies Trunk or Treat bash today and had a great time. There was my friend Kate DJing, they set up 20 trunks to trick or treat from that were really cool and a photo spot complete with hay and pumpkins. C had a blast hanging with other kids, rolling down the hill, getting candy, and dancing to Halloween type songs like Thriller.

Here is my cutie:

He is a BMX rider for Halloween, I know super creative ;-) He breathes, eats, sleeps BMX and wanted nothing else but to be a BMX rider for Halloween and it made it super easy that we had all the stuff already. He really wanted to bring his bike, but we opted not to have that as his prop.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Soccer Season - Dolphins

So, I actually remembered to sign C up for soccer on time and he started playing in August. They had sent out a few emails needing coaches, so hubby decided that he would do it. He had never played soccer himself, but having no coach would have been much worse. It turned out he has a knack for coaching, he spent lots of time researching soccer and learned all the rules. He learned the T formation and once the kids stuck with the T and stayed in their zones, they did really well.
C was on the team Dolphins and they practiced once a week and they had games, 9 of them, on Saturdays. He decided about half way through the season that he likes defense and to play back. Grandma and Papa came to see the last game; C loved having “cheerers” there. Oh, and he dyed (temporary) his hair green for the last game. Wanted red, but they were out because of all the NC State fans.
After the last game, we did a Moe’s night for the team. Moe’s donated a coach meal and kid’s meals for the team and we had a team party there. It was so much fun to see the kids hanging out and relaxing and just talking to each other off the field. The parents liked Coach Chris so much they gave him a really nice gift card to North Hills.

Christopher on the side lines:

Christopher with Grandma and Papa:

Coach Chris and the Dolphins:
Christopher and Isaiah:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Birthday C

My baby turned 6 today! Wow, I still can’t believe it. Yes, I still call him my baby and he humors me and says he will always be my baby even though he isn’t a baby anymore. He is such a bog boy now though, standing tall at 48 inches and 43 pounds. He is just such a cool dude.

Here is my Birthday dude:

Getting Ready for Laser Tag:

The Cupcakes I made for his party:
We had his party at Frankie’s Fun Park and he chose Laser Tag as his activity. I liked the parties at Frankie’s, but they are not “no hassle” like some places. Basically, you pay per kid and they hand you a card for each kid and a bracelet for each kid and they are done with their part. Luckily, I had the help of my friend Amy, my in-laws, and Hubby. Amy and I manned the door and handed out the bracelets and Amy took the presents to my in-laws who staked out three cake tables outside. Hubby watched the kids in the Fun Maze. Then we rounded up the kids for Laser Tag and they played, we did cupcakes, and the party was over about 1 hour 45 minutes and one exhausted Momma later. Right at the end we gave the kids their cards to go play video games and goodie bags (which I totally almost forgot). He enjoyed it a LOT and that is what is important. It was something totally different than we have always done, which is a party at the park. I am pretty happy we stuck to an indoor venue since it was pretty cold.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


I called the Social Worker we are assigned to today hoping maybe they would hear something sooner than end of October. Well, she is on vacation, out until the 19th, no back up. We can leave her a message, etc. Bummer! So there is NO hope of us finding out any sooner and even if we did, she still has to come out and certify our home as our licensing worker, does it EVER end? Oh, and the lady who answered the phone said, didn't you know it was a 60-90 day wait to get finalized, um, no, I didn't. I was told 30 business days to get your license. So if it goes 90 days (from when paperwork was received at the state knowing it got mailed the week before a holiday, probably arrived September) we are talking maybe November, possibly into December and you know people love to take vacation around the holidays. I try so hard not to get my hopes up, but this whole waiting is so hard.

Thursday, October 1, 2009


We got a letter today introducing our new "ongoing licensing" Social Worker. No real new news except that it says we have been recommended by the County to be foster parents. Weird, the letter is dated the 25th of September and says we will be notified within 60 days of approval. I am really still hoping the 60 days is still from when we were told in August, not from September. This sure is a test in patience. Is it too early to call her now?