Friday, May 22, 2009

School Funnies

Two school funnies this week from C.

Tuesday I went to have lunch with C. It is always so much fun and so entertaining. He gets to pick a friend and we can go outside and eat on the picnic tables, so a real treat. I also usually buy him a fudgesicle from the cafeteria or bring him a treat. I get to see him interact with his friends. In the beginning of the year he always picked a girl, but now he always picks a boy. Usually his buddy Aidan from school.
So him and Aidan were sitting and talking about the behavior colors, green=good, yellow=warning, red=trouble, possible call home, blue=principal office and call home. C always gets green except for only two yellows all year. Woohoo, total proud mommy moment all the way.

Well, apparently someone in the class got a blue. So the boys got to talking:
A: What would happen if you got a double blue?
C: What would happen if you got a triple blue? Maybe you would be banished. (He did actually come up with the word banished on his own).
A: Yeah, banished from school.
C: Yeah, banished from school and then you’d have to go to public school.

Now, for the the part that makes it super funny, he goes to public school.

So, the second one came last night as he was talking to Grammy on the phone. She asked how he was doing in school. This is what he says: "Grammy I only get A plusses, I get A plusses on everything, but someone in my class, they get Z minuses, actually there are two people that get Z minuses." Should I note here that our school grades on 1-4’s? But, he is doing really well and aced his math assessments. He now says his favorite subject is Math. It was science in the beginning of the year.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Great Day, prelude to Mother's Day

Today was a pretty great day. I slept in a bit on the couch after I struggled downstairs and turned a movie on for C at dark thirty, I mean 6:38 a.m. (I would just like to note here that on school days he struggles to wake up at 650, but on Saturdays he BOUNCES out of bed at 6:30 am ready to start the day).
The boys left to run errands at 8:30 and I leisurely ate breakfast and watched a DVR show. They got home and we worked out in the yard where C even helped me sweep the driveway. Even though the house is sold, there was much weeding, mowing (done by hubby), sweeping, and some other stuff that still needs to be done. I had to caulk the front porch to get ready for another coat of paint.
C decided he wanted to go to a Bike Ride today and I thought that sounded super cool despite my hyperventilating (not really, but pretty darn near) on our last ride. I need some more practice and build up my endurance. So we pumped up the tires on the tandem bike and headed to Turtle Fest at Bass Lake on bike. I struggled up the first hill, but then it was pretty smooth sailing down to the Lake. Turtle Fest was pretty cool, C got his face painted, won a few turtle toys, made some crafts and petted a ton of turtles. I even fed him an oh so unhealthy snack there of brownie, chips, and lemonade. We then headed home and I was dreading the ride back up toward home. I realized my seat was sitting too low and raised it and it made a huge difference. I managed the whole way except for the very large hill that we walked the bike on. I still will say I barely made it home on the bike and had the last section not been a little downhill, there was no way. I really need to get in better shape. There was one little section where I did have to tell C pedal faster, help mommy. C said it was nice talking on our bike ride and how he was going to do something special for Mother’s Day. I got to tell him that without him, there is no Mother’s Day and he already made it so special. It was so nice just hanging with him talking and riding the bike.
After the bike ride, we went to the pool at the gym. They had the outdoor pool open already, who would have thought that on May 9th we’d be swimming outside in the pool, but it has been hot. I even went down the slide and got all wet. Chris joined us after his workout and we all three hung out in the pool. C splashed us, shot us with water guns and we got to throw him a lot!
And, since there is no way I am posting a pic of me on the tandem bike, I will post an old one of C and hubby on the one we rented in Hilton Head. They are super fun.