Friday, May 22, 2009

School Funnies

Two school funnies this week from C.

Tuesday I went to have lunch with C. It is always so much fun and so entertaining. He gets to pick a friend and we can go outside and eat on the picnic tables, so a real treat. I also usually buy him a fudgesicle from the cafeteria or bring him a treat. I get to see him interact with his friends. In the beginning of the year he always picked a girl, but now he always picks a boy. Usually his buddy Aidan from school.
So him and Aidan were sitting and talking about the behavior colors, green=good, yellow=warning, red=trouble, possible call home, blue=principal office and call home. C always gets green except for only two yellows all year. Woohoo, total proud mommy moment all the way.

Well, apparently someone in the class got a blue. So the boys got to talking:
A: What would happen if you got a double blue?
C: What would happen if you got a triple blue? Maybe you would be banished. (He did actually come up with the word banished on his own).
A: Yeah, banished from school.
C: Yeah, banished from school and then you’d have to go to public school.

Now, for the the part that makes it super funny, he goes to public school.

So, the second one came last night as he was talking to Grammy on the phone. She asked how he was doing in school. This is what he says: "Grammy I only get A plusses, I get A plusses on everything, but someone in my class, they get Z minuses, actually there are two people that get Z minuses." Should I note here that our school grades on 1-4’s? But, he is doing really well and aced his math assessments. He now says his favorite subject is Math. It was science in the beginning of the year.

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