Thursday, September 25, 2008

Football and Cheerleaders

When I wrote about the football game, I totally forgot about the cheerleaders. One of C’s favorite parts of the football game was the CHEERLEADERS. It was really cute.
Mom, look at the cheerleaders.
Mom, where is that cheerleader going.
Can I go watch the cheerleaders do flips?
That cheerleader just hugged her boyfriend.
That cheerleader just kissed her boyfriend.
I am going to cheer with them, Go Hawks Go, Let’s Go Hawks, Way to go Hawks, etc….
That cheerleader has a sweatshirt on, why does she have a sweatshirt on.
Does the other team have cheerleaders?
The other team has a boy cheerleader.
Why is the cheerleader so high up?
I was telling my mom about the football game and how enamored he was with the cheerleaders and we just laughed. It is so the dude. He loves girls.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Soccer Game

C is playing Fall soccer now and seems to be enjoying it much more than T-Ball. I also enjoy watching it more than I did T-Ball. He had a really good game this past Saturday. He seems to have learned to take the ball and turn it around with his foot. He is the tallest and has the longest skinniest legs of any of the kids. His coach is pretty impressed with how well he is picking up the game (but he may be telling that to all the parents, heehee). He scored two goals on Saturday! He did make a mistake though that was pretty funny. He was kicking the ball along the sideline and doing really well and was getting close to bringing it in toward the goal, when he reached down and tried to nudge the ball with his hand to keep it straight. It was so cute! He has two games this weekend, so I am looking forward to those.
We are also going to an NC State Football game! I am super excited about that. It will be so much fun. We went to our first local high school football game this past weekend with C. Chris and I had gone to see a few when I was pregnant, but we hadn’t been to see another one since. C was so excited and really got into the game. He was rooting for the team and picked a player to cheer for (even when said player was not even in the game). I am sure the kid was like who is that kid cheering for me? He fell asleep during the last few minutes of the game and we went home. I still can’t believe he fell asleep in all that loud noise of the stadium. I carried him back to the car and by the time we got to the car my arms felt like jello. I guess the 3 pounds he gained to bring him to a whopping 40 even makes a difference.
Here is the video of the soccer goal:

Not happy to see me?

I am on call for work this week and we get off at 3 pm when on call so we can be ready to take emergency calls at 4 pm. I was excited about getting out of work a little early and picking up Christopher for some extra mommy and son time. So I get there at 3:30 and they were about to head outside, he sees me and breaks down in tears. He was oh so not happy to see me. Man, so glad I wanted to spend extra time with him. He did not want to go home with me. So I left him for a few minutes and went over to Trader Joes, then went back at 4. I really know better than to feel hurt, but it did hurt my feelings just a little. I picked him up early again today. No tears, but I did get an upset, “Why do you always have to do that, picking me up early?” He asked if tomorrow I would please not pick him up early. So I guess I get some me time instead. I can at least be happy that he enjoys his time in after school care, right?!?!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Funnies of the Day

There were two really funny things C said yesterday.

1. I was brushing his hair getting ready for school. He had a few knots and it hurt him. So he says, “Mom, why are you so hard headed?” I was laughing so hard. He totally didn't get how it came out.

2. Last night at bedtime the master manipulator says as I am putting him to bed. “I don’t get it, how can you leave your child all alone in their room every night?” Seriously! He really doesn’t like to sleep alone, but even more so hates that I may get to watch TV after he goes to bed. He is back into the routine of sneaking into my bed almost every night. Oh well, maybe he will stop by the time he goes to college.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Love and Heartbreak already?

Christopher fell in love Friday with a 1st grader. He was so excited to say he fell in love with a little girl Kennedy, who is in first grade. She drew him a heart, they hugged three times. Well yesterday I pick him up and Kennedy wouldn’t play with him yesterday. She likes someone else, says Christopher. Last night on his chalkboard he asks me to write his name, her name, heart is broken, he drew a heart. How sad for him! This is much too soon for my son to be getting his heart broken by a little girl. He said this morning he did not want to go to school if Kennedy has a new boyfriend. He had pretty much forgotten about it by the time we left for the school bus, though.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Bus Rider

Christopher was very determined to ride the bus to school. It was one of those things that we had always said we would allow, but then when it came time to do it, we were scared and nervous. He begged and begged to ride the bus, so we gave in. It is an Express Bus, so it only stops at our stop and one other school and then goes to his school. The Kindergarten kids sit up front. He has a little Kindergarten girl that gets on at our stop, Jennifer, and they sit together. It was pretty hard seeing him get on the bus for the first time, but he loves it so much! He has now ridden the bus for three days and still wants to. I think it is great that he is so independent. It also allows for him to go into the cafeteria in the morning and buy his lunch. I would love to see him do that all by himself. He has taken a liking to Cocoa Pups (Cocoa Puffs) in the cafeteria in the morning. Thank goodness we are giving him a healthy snack before sending him off on the bus.

Here he is ready to get on the bus the first time:

Here he is excitedly waiting for the bus to stop for him to get on:

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yummy, Yummy Kid’s Meal

While my mom was visiting, we took a trip to Mad Hatter in Durham for lunch. The food was so good and ended up being a yummy treat for Christopher.
Mom and I had a Thai Chicken Hot wrap which is a wrap Chicken and Jasmine rice with a peanut sauce. We also had the fries. They are soo good, hand cut fries served a in soda fountain glass with three different dipping sauces, jalapeno ketchup, basil aioli, curry aioli. I like the basil aioli the best.
The yummy treat for Christopher was the Kid’s meal which is $3.95. He had fruit salad, chicken fingers, milk, and a Build-Your-Own Cupcake Kit. He was so happy about the kit. It came with a vanilla or chocolate cupcake, frosting in a pastry bag, and three mini cups of sprinkles on a tray. He can’t wait to go back and make another cupcake.

Cupcake Kit

Adding more frosting

Yummy Cupcake