Thursday, September 25, 2008

Football and Cheerleaders

When I wrote about the football game, I totally forgot about the cheerleaders. One of C’s favorite parts of the football game was the CHEERLEADERS. It was really cute.
Mom, look at the cheerleaders.
Mom, where is that cheerleader going.
Can I go watch the cheerleaders do flips?
That cheerleader just hugged her boyfriend.
That cheerleader just kissed her boyfriend.
I am going to cheer with them, Go Hawks Go, Let’s Go Hawks, Way to go Hawks, etc….
That cheerleader has a sweatshirt on, why does she have a sweatshirt on.
Does the other team have cheerleaders?
The other team has a boy cheerleader.
Why is the cheerleader so high up?
I was telling my mom about the football game and how enamored he was with the cheerleaders and we just laughed. It is so the dude. He loves girls.


Diario de Elysia said...

LMAO you think?

CandCFamily said...

He loves his girls, what can I say?