Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Yummy, Yummy Kid’s Meal

While my mom was visiting, we took a trip to Mad Hatter in Durham for lunch. The food was so good and ended up being a yummy treat for Christopher.
Mom and I had a Thai Chicken Hot wrap which is a wrap Chicken and Jasmine rice with a peanut sauce. We also had the fries. They are soo good, hand cut fries served a in soda fountain glass with three different dipping sauces, jalapeno ketchup, basil aioli, curry aioli. I like the basil aioli the best.
The yummy treat for Christopher was the Kid’s meal which is $3.95. He had fruit salad, chicken fingers, milk, and a Build-Your-Own Cupcake Kit. He was so happy about the kit. It came with a vanilla or chocolate cupcake, frosting in a pastry bag, and three mini cups of sprinkles on a tray. He can’t wait to go back and make another cupcake.

Cupcake Kit

Adding more frosting

Yummy Cupcake

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DeAnna said...

That sounds so yummy-- I LOVE Jasmine rice. And I am crazy weird about sauces, I love them and I love new ones so I would love the dipping sauces for the fries. My husband swears I pick out some restaurants just because of a sauce or a salad dressing that they have. :) And what a great idea for a restaurant to have make your own cupcake. Christopher is adorable!!