Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Finally, I figured I would post something about myself. I went shopping this weekend and bought a new pair of jeans. Now, I have secretly wanted a pair of designer jeans since last year when I wore a pair of Monica's (Callie's Mom, shopper extraordinaire) last year. I wore a pair of her Seven's and they fit heavenly! I am not a really materialistic person, but for someone who lives in jeans, I really haven't splurged and bought a cute, worn-in, really comfy, good looking pair of jeans. Have to justify my purchase, haha. I just had been too cheap to buy a pair. Well, we were at Belk and on the clearance rack was a pair of Lucky Brand Jeans in my size that were marked down to $40 from $110. Let me just say I heart my jeans. They are soooo comfortable and they look great!
My other great find was a great Claiborne suit in black for Christopher for my brother Aaron's wedding next weekend. He is going to be a very handsome ring bearer! It was $35 marked down from $98. Just for the heck of it, I got him this other suit simply because it was $7 and adorable. It is blue pinstripe pants and vest with a light blue shirt and tie. He will be GQ!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Safety Violation

We were down in South Carolina visiting friends this past weekend and one thing that totally cracked me up was the kids went to rides bikes and scooters and Christopher asks for his helmet and when the little girl said I don't have to wear mine, he said "That is a safety violation!". It was hilarious. I guess I am a little over protective and paranoid, but I do always make Christopher wear his helmet. I *think* it is the law in NC, but not 100% sure. I do know when they have bike rally at school, helmets are mandatory. I am thinking that school is where he learned the whole safety violation thing. I guess it is just so habit now, I don't even think twice, we have two, a bugs one and a Buzz Lightyear one Mimi got him for his birthday from the Disney Store.
Here he is cheesing on his two wheel scooter that he had to have since he was "getting too big" for his three wheel scooter:


We had a blast with his little friend Callie. They are so cute and fun together. Callie is just five weeks older than Christopher. I actually am embarrassed to say I did not take any pictures this weekend, but here is one of Callie and Christopher from the Fall at the NC State vs. East Carolina game in Greenville, NC. (Notice again the cheesy grin)


Monday, May 19, 2008

Park Playdate

We got together with some friends at the park this weekend. The weather was great and the kids had a great time. My entrepreneur son and his friend Aiden started a rock business. They gathered a bunch of rocks from around the playground and were selling them for 79 cents. Not real money, but each kid that wanted a rock had to pretend to give him 79 cents. The kids rode the boat, carousel, and train and played for a long time. We then went and had Mexican Popsicles, Mexican Paletas. They are so yummy. I tried Jasmine Green Tea and Elderberry Lavender. Of course, I got to try other’s paletas, like Pomegranate Tangerine, Hibiscus Strawberry, and more. Christopher had two Chocolate Brownie ones and we even brought a puppy pop home for Calvin, it is frozen chicken stock wrapped around a raw hide.
Here are the kids riding the boat and the train:

Boat Ride

Train Ride

Please ignore Christopher's juice stained face ;-)


Here is a website to enter to win a free Ergo until May 30th. I don't own one, but have borrowed one a few times from my friend Gretchen and when we have another kid, this will be one of my must have items. I carried C in one as late as 3 1/2 years old in it. Maximum age will depend on weight, of course, but technically I could still carry him and he could still fit at 37 pounds (they go to 55 pounds). He is big/old enough to walk on his own now though, contrary to his opinion.
Win a Free Ergo Baby Carrier from Along for the Ride

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Daycare Lunch

We get a daily report of what is served at the school for lunch. I know there is a menu posted but I don't ever remember to look at it. Bad mommy, I know. I really should so I don’t have to worry about what he ate for lunch or if an alternative was available. Compared to other daycares, they feed him really well and very healthy. They try to use mostly fresh foods, then frozen, then canned. Whereas most centers feed mostly canned. I worry though when I get the daily report and see that there is only one item he eats, like today. Wonder if he is going to be starving when I pick him up. This was today's menu from the report:
For lunch we had cheese and pepperoni pizza, tomato and cucumber salad, bananas, and Milk.
Skills: Sharing, Taking Turns, Self-Help Skills, Following Directions, Responsibility, Table Manners
Of those items, he eats bananas (an drinks milk). He doesn't eat pizza (for the most part, sometimes he will, mostly not, or will take off all toppings and just eat the crust). He claims he is allergic to cheese, but really he just doesn't like it. I overheard another kid say he is allergic to celery, so all the kids in his class claim allergies to things they don't like. It really is funny. Now Christopher is not picky when it comes to eating, there are just a few things he just won’t eat, cheese, hot dogs, and salad to name a few. The other day the menu was kielbasa, rice, melon, green beans, and milk. Now that I am sure he ate a lot of and ate everything that was offered. For most kids it would have been the other way around, mom didn’t have to worry about the pizza, but maybe about the kielbasa and rice.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

Today was my 5th Mother's Day. My little guy woke me up and snuggled and said Happy Mother's Day. I was going to sleep a little longer and he said, "we can't cancel Mother's Day". I told him we won't and I did get to sleep in, that was nice. I got coffee made for me and a new coffee mug that him and Chris had gone to crazy glaze and made. It turned out cute and says "I love Mom".
We went out to lunch at Bonefish Grill and ate a yummy lunch. Christopher was the only one that ate healthy. He chose the kid's meal of grilled chicken and veggies. I had chicken in a light cream sauce that probably had nothing remotely light in it, but it was yummy! We also had the Bang Bang Shrimp, mmmm!


After lunch we went to run a few errands and got Christopher a new pair of shoes. They are super cool and we got a great deal on them. He got a new pair of Merrell's. He loves them and Merrell is a great shoe. He was so excited he put them on as soon as we got in the car. He is going to summer camp and has been really rough on his shoes so we wanted something that would last all summer and look decent.
We then went to an inflatable jump place for him to do some jumping. He had so much fun and played for two straight hours jumping and sliding. While we were there I realized the ring he had put on his finger earlier that day was getting more stuck. We tried to get the darn thing off and it was not coming off. We tried soap, ice, lotion, etc. There was a pediatrician there for the play date and she said we would probably need to go to Urgent Care. I called around to find one open and couldn’t, so quickly went home for an internet search and found one that would be open. I had 24 minutes to get there and we pulled up at 7:56 pm. They closed at 8 pm. They took him in right away and sawed the ring off. It had started to turn purplish and was very swollen. They used a ring cutter to cut it off. The doctor then gave him a Popsicle, coloring book, and crayons. Way to motivate him to want to go to Urgent Care again. Tomorrow he plans to wear his doctor suit (a hospital gown) and bring his ring into class for show and tell. He still claims all the time he wants to be a doctor when he grows up. He did say he wants to work in an office and see kids and will only work in an office that gives out toys. But, only the kids that are good will get a toy.
I think I deserved my Mother's Day, right? Especially since we had our first trip to Urgent Care with Christopher.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

T-Ball Game

Christopher had his first T-Ball game today. It was so cute. He is a Lugnut. They name the teams after minor league teams. They did pictures ahead of time and then played. The pictures were cute and the photographer had a pretty easy time doing the individual shots, but the group shot was hilarious. One kid had his hat down so far you couldn’t see his face and one kid kept trying to pick his butt. Christopher had his big cheese grin and looked pretty cute!
So a few people asked me what it is like for 4-year-olds to play t-ball. Honestly, it is just getting them used to playing, all for fun, no outs, no score, all get a trophy. I will give you a few highlights of the game, starting with Christopher highlights. He played right field first time out and no balls came to him, so he was busy asking Chris where he got the camera from while Chris was videotaping the game. Then he played first which was pretty eventful with the second hitter hitting the ball and Christopher running to second. Hey at least he ran to the correct base, albeit at the wrong time. Then as he was trying to throw the ball home, once it fell out of his hand and landed behind him and another time hit the coach in the back of the head. The rest of the game was pretty uneventful and he hit the ball three times and got to run around the bases. Some of the team highlights were the three kids on his team who were picking grass and throwing it at each other in left field. The kid who was too busy picking his nose and the ball went right past him. The other kid who was assigned to the pitcher mound and he thought he had to stay right there, so the ball went right past him several times.
Here he is waiting to bat:

Waiting to bat

Here he is in right field, he always crouches like that waiting for the ball:

Sitting in Right Field