Saturday, May 3, 2008

T-Ball Game

Christopher had his first T-Ball game today. It was so cute. He is a Lugnut. They name the teams after minor league teams. They did pictures ahead of time and then played. The pictures were cute and the photographer had a pretty easy time doing the individual shots, but the group shot was hilarious. One kid had his hat down so far you couldn’t see his face and one kid kept trying to pick his butt. Christopher had his big cheese grin and looked pretty cute!
So a few people asked me what it is like for 4-year-olds to play t-ball. Honestly, it is just getting them used to playing, all for fun, no outs, no score, all get a trophy. I will give you a few highlights of the game, starting with Christopher highlights. He played right field first time out and no balls came to him, so he was busy asking Chris where he got the camera from while Chris was videotaping the game. Then he played first which was pretty eventful with the second hitter hitting the ball and Christopher running to second. Hey at least he ran to the correct base, albeit at the wrong time. Then as he was trying to throw the ball home, once it fell out of his hand and landed behind him and another time hit the coach in the back of the head. The rest of the game was pretty uneventful and he hit the ball three times and got to run around the bases. Some of the team highlights were the three kids on his team who were picking grass and throwing it at each other in left field. The kid who was too busy picking his nose and the ball went right past him. The other kid who was assigned to the pitcher mound and he thought he had to stay right there, so the ball went right past him several times.
Here he is waiting to bat:

Waiting to bat

Here he is in right field, he always crouches like that waiting for the ball:

Sitting in Right Field


Diario de Elysia said...

MML...he is too cute...

Fee said...

Hi there..... he looks all grown up in that gear!

Nice to meet you!