Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Daycare Lunch

We get a daily report of what is served at the school for lunch. I know there is a menu posted but I don't ever remember to look at it. Bad mommy, I know. I really should so I don’t have to worry about what he ate for lunch or if an alternative was available. Compared to other daycares, they feed him really well and very healthy. They try to use mostly fresh foods, then frozen, then canned. Whereas most centers feed mostly canned. I worry though when I get the daily report and see that there is only one item he eats, like today. Wonder if he is going to be starving when I pick him up. This was today's menu from the report:
For lunch we had cheese and pepperoni pizza, tomato and cucumber salad, bananas, and Milk.
Skills: Sharing, Taking Turns, Self-Help Skills, Following Directions, Responsibility, Table Manners
Of those items, he eats bananas (an drinks milk). He doesn't eat pizza (for the most part, sometimes he will, mostly not, or will take off all toppings and just eat the crust). He claims he is allergic to cheese, but really he just doesn't like it. I overheard another kid say he is allergic to celery, so all the kids in his class claim allergies to things they don't like. It really is funny. Now Christopher is not picky when it comes to eating, there are just a few things he just won’t eat, cheese, hot dogs, and salad to name a few. The other day the menu was kielbasa, rice, melon, green beans, and milk. Now that I am sure he ate a lot of and ate everything that was offered. For most kids it would have been the other way around, mom didn’t have to worry about the pizza, but maybe about the kielbasa and rice.

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