Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Safety Violation

We were down in South Carolina visiting friends this past weekend and one thing that totally cracked me up was the kids went to rides bikes and scooters and Christopher asks for his helmet and when the little girl said I don't have to wear mine, he said "That is a safety violation!". It was hilarious. I guess I am a little over protective and paranoid, but I do always make Christopher wear his helmet. I *think* it is the law in NC, but not 100% sure. I do know when they have bike rally at school, helmets are mandatory. I am thinking that school is where he learned the whole safety violation thing. I guess it is just so habit now, I don't even think twice, we have two, a bugs one and a Buzz Lightyear one Mimi got him for his birthday from the Disney Store.
Here he is cheesing on his two wheel scooter that he had to have since he was "getting too big" for his three wheel scooter:


We had a blast with his little friend Callie. They are so cute and fun together. Callie is just five weeks older than Christopher. I actually am embarrassed to say I did not take any pictures this weekend, but here is one of Callie and Christopher from the Fall at the NC State vs. East Carolina game in Greenville, NC. (Notice again the cheesy grin)


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