Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Endless Questions

I don't think I have mentioned before how long my commute is. Well, anywhere from an awesome 35 minutes this morning to a gawd-awful hour and 15 minutes. The longer trip is in the evening. A little insight from one of my previous bosses, people don't all go into work at the same time, but they all typically leave around 5. I have C on my evening commute, Hubs takes him in the morning. We carpool any day Hubs does not have class, this makes my commute more like 40 minutes and Hubs 1 1/2 hours because he drops me and C off.
So yesterday C was in the car with me and these are just a few of the questions and statements I heard on the way home:
How does cruise control work?
How do you get to take your foot off the pedal?
How does the car move forward?
I pedal my bike to make it go forward, how does a car go forward?
How does gas work to make a car go forward?
Are we still in a moderator drought?
How can we be in a moderator drought and it is raining?
How do people know it is a drought?
How do they measure the water in the lakes?
If it keeps raining will we be done with the drought?
If it rains all summer, will I be able to go to the pool?
Why doesn't it rain a lot in the summer?
Carson caused another drought, he used too much water at school last week.
I have to pee.
I really have to go pee so bad.
Can we please stop so I can go pee.
[Stopped at first chance and went potty]
Does my pee help the bugs drink?
Does my pee help the drought, since it is wet?
How does cruise control work?
Why does daddy have school all the time?
I'm hungry, what's for dinner?
And so on and so on. Man, that was more grueling than my hour long teleconference at work. It is pretty cool though that he is really trying to figure out how things work and understand the world around him, but maybe that is why sometimes I just let him watch the DVD player.

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