Monday, April 7, 2008

The New Car Seat

To those that know me, they know that I am absolutely anal about my car seats and what C rides in. No, it doesn't have to be the cooloest, but it has to be one of the safest. In my car I have a Britax Marathon in the cowmooflage pattern. In Hubbies car we have an Evenflo Triumph 5.
C finally grew (well almost) out of the car seat in daddy's car that we have had since he was just under one. The Evenflo Triumph was a nice seat and lasted a long time. But, he finally got to where his ears were pretty close to the top of the seat. You will know your kid outgrows his forward-facing seat when:
1. Over the weight limit
2. Shoulders above the top harness slot
3. Top of ears over the top of the shell
So after LOTS and LOTS of research we narrowed it down to the Britax Regent and the Graco Nautilus. I love Britax seats, they are so cool and sturdy and safe and easy to install. But, Chris liked the Graco better. So, I had to research more and go through the list of pros and cons. We finally decided on the Nautilus. This was for a few reasons. In case I ever needed the seat in my car, the Regent does not install well into the Captain chairs of the Odyssey, the cup holder on the Nautilus is a plus especially considering how many times my guys tend to leave milk cups in the seat and make mommy wash the cover, and the Nautilus would truly be the last seat for daddy's car and it was slightly cheaper. It has a steel reinforced frame and it is easy to install. It is new this year and all the car seat techs are raving about the seat. It harnesses to 65 pounds, has high top slots (19 inches), and then converts to a high back booster until 100 pounds and can also convert to a back-less booster from 40-100 pounds.
We got it in the mail and it is nice, it took me about 30 minutes to put it together. Which included, putting the head rest on and snapping the arms into place and adjusting to cover and moving the crotch strap out to the far position. Then probably another 30 minutes to get it into the car, but it was pretty easy to install. I got it in there nice and tight.
So I asked my boys what they thought of the new seat after using it today. Hubs answered, "it's a car seat, I didn't have to ride in it" and C said "it was comfy on my bum bum." Needless to say, neither one of them share my passion about car seats.

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Anonymous said...

Great information! I was just going to start researching this one, since we're in the market for a 5 pt harnessed seat for our 35 pound almost 3 year old. I might have passed on the Graco since there is no love for the ComfortSport he's in now. :)