Monday, April 14, 2008

Guilt Trips

The dude has mastered the art of guilt trips. I am shocked by the guilt trips he can make. These are two examples of our conversations:

C: Mommy, you going out?
Me: Yes, I am going out, give me a kiss goodbye.
C: I want you to stay here
Me: Mommy is going out, you'll be here with daddy
C: If you go out, that means you don't love me.
Me (at the moment) total shock. Then realize that I really do need a night out. Reassure him that he is loved and that mommy is still going out.

Me and C are watching TV and a commercial comes on for a gazillion bubbles barbecue and our conversation goes:
C: That is really cool mom
Me: yeah, it is (feigned interest)
C: Can we get that?
Me: No, I don't think so
C: Why?
Me: That doesn't look like a fun toy
C: When I grow up I am going to get married and when I have a kid, I am going to buy him that.
Me: (again shocked looked on my face and no words to answer that).

I really want to know where they learn these things.

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Nakira said...

Thank God that Kayden has not gotten to this point yet. I do not know if I could handle that. But, to answer your question, they get it from other children :)