Wednesday, April 2, 2008


We have a little T-Ball player! I am so excited. Practice starts April 12. We had the orientation and boy did he pay attention. He came out of there ready to go with his list of stuff that he needed and needed now! He was ready. We went shopping and got him a glove, pants, bat, balls, and a tee. He still insists he needs a batting glove socks, and belt. In all due time. He was busy trying his pants on and letting me know I needed to take them in a little in the waist.
So Sunday after the orientation it was pretty cold but he had his stuff and daddy had said he would take him out so the cold was not going to detour him at all. We went to the park and he practiced catching a grounder coming toward him and throwing and then hitting off the tee. He has a pretty good arm (meaning his throws actually go about as far as mommy's already). He wasn't too coordinated hitting of the tee, but did pretty good. He was so cute playing t-ball. I can't wait to go and watch him play. He will have 6 games for the season and everyone gets a trophy.
Hmmm, wonder if I will be one of those obsessed my kid has to be the best moms? It's supposed to be all in fun :-)
Oh yeah, I had said it was cold right, he lasted about 30 minutes and said it was time to go home, he was cold. He came right in the house, went upstairs and put a pair of gloves on his hands to warm them up.

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