Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Summer Camp

Yesterday hubby registered C for summer day camp. I have to say I am pretty excited. We had to pre-pay for the entire summer up-front and we wrote the check out for $570. Some would say wow, that is a lot of money, but can I tell you how happy I was when I heard the amount. Let me tell you where I am coming from. That is about 2/3 of what we would have paid for ONE month of day-care. Yes, one month. So that is a huge savings. HUGE!
Now, don't get me wrong, I am going to be a little very sad when I see my little guy off to his first day of summer camp and he runs off to be with the big kids (the campers are ages 5-12, but they split the 5-7 and the 8-12 year olds into two groups). I will also be a little lot worried when he gets on the bus to go to the pool and field trips, but he is growing up and he will have so much fun.
I was talking with a group of moms this past weekend and they asked about C going to Kindergarten this year. I responded that yes he is going and I am so excited. They all looked at me with shocked faces and said, "Really?" with very confused looks. And yes even about Kindergarten I am pretty excited. Excited, nervous, scared, happy, and more. One of my reasons for being excited is day-care costs. It will be nice having him go to school and not going to day-care and spending a small fortune on day-care each month. But, yes I will probably be one of those moms that cries on the first day. A little bit of scared, happy, nostalgia, and excitement all in one. He has already talked about riding the bus to school. Yikes! The one part of Kindergarten that I dread are my relatively care-free nights now. Yes, I have to feed, bathe, and take care of him, but I don't really have to worry about his homework or studying. We read almost every night, but when he is in K, I will feel much more guilty if I skip a night of reading than I do now.

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Kim said...

I can't believe he is old enough for summer camp and kindergarten! With Joshua's birth date, we have another entire year to go.