Sunday, October 5, 2008

Bye, Bye Summer

Just had to share a shot from our September Beach trip to Wrightsville Beach. Got a picture of the twinkies, Gabby and Derrick, and the dude at the end of the summer after they spent hours in the pool and on the beach. Despite using tons, i.e. several bottles, of sunscreen, they tanned. They tanned a LOT! Christopher went to the Beach with the Twinkies three times and we went to the pool even more, then the camping trip that had a pool. He is so lucky to have such great friends to make such great memories with! So Gabby was okay with the shot, C was trying hard to be modest (for once) and Derrick was trying to show it all!
This is cute!

End of Summer

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Mommy's Nintendo said...

Look at those tan lines! Lucky kids to get to spend all that time outside!!