Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What I sent in C's Pocket Today

Last night our conversation was this:
C: "Mom, do you think you could write down our phone number?"
Chris: "Why do you need the phone number written down?"
C: "Kierston wants our phone number so she can call and tell us that she can come to my party."

Oh my, it is starting already and we are only in Kindergarten, girls want his phone number. I am sure he will be asking girls for theirs, too. Ahhhhhh!

This is the same Kierston who he he was crying because he said the principal would not allow him to invite her to his party. We managed to work something out and I sent an invite to Kierston. He says she is coming, but I haven't heard. If her mom is anything like me, she lost the invite and this is how the phone number conversation started. She needed it so her mom could call. At least that is how it would have happened in our house.

So this morning, I sent him with the phone number in his pocket so he can give it to Kierston.

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