Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Soccer Season - Dolphins

So, I actually remembered to sign C up for soccer on time and he started playing in August. They had sent out a few emails needing coaches, so hubby decided that he would do it. He had never played soccer himself, but having no coach would have been much worse. It turned out he has a knack for coaching, he spent lots of time researching soccer and learned all the rules. He learned the T formation and once the kids stuck with the T and stayed in their zones, they did really well.
C was on the team Dolphins and they practiced once a week and they had games, 9 of them, on Saturdays. He decided about half way through the season that he likes defense and to play back. Grandma and Papa came to see the last game; C loved having “cheerers” there. Oh, and he dyed (temporary) his hair green for the last game. Wanted red, but they were out because of all the NC State fans.
After the last game, we did a Moe’s night for the team. Moe’s donated a coach meal and kid’s meals for the team and we had a team party there. It was so much fun to see the kids hanging out and relaxing and just talking to each other off the field. The parents liked Coach Chris so much they gave him a really nice gift card to North Hills.

Christopher on the side lines:

Christopher with Grandma and Papa:

Coach Chris and the Dolphins:
Christopher and Isaiah:

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