Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dry or Secondary Drowning

This happened to my co-worker's nephew and I wanted to pass it along for those few of you who read my blog as a public service announcement. She lost her nephew this past weekend on July 13. The death has been attributed to secondary drowning. He died Sunday and the autopsy was done yesterday. It is so sad. They said they went to the pool for a family get together and the boy (age 6) said he felt funny after the pool and said he needed a breathing treatment (he has asthma). After the breathing treatment he told his cousin, go get my mom and when she got to the room, he had passed out. My co-worker did CPR on him for 10-15 minutes until help arrived and the paramedics worked on him for ten minutes but never got him breathing. The took him by ambulance to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. He had thrown up after the breathing treatment. Apparently the breathing treatment exacerbated the problem.
I hadn't realized you can drown after being out of the pool. I saw online that kids ingest the water and it can cause them to drown hours (up to 72) after being in the pool. I wanted to make people aware of this after this evry sad event that my co-worker went through. They ingest 4 ounces (24 teaspoons), the symptoms to look for are: coughing, trouble breathing, pain.
Not my co-worker's nephew, but here is an article on the local news about a boy who died in SC of the same thing.

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