Friday, March 27, 2009

Crafting Away...

I decided to get crafty today. I made a tutu from a tutorial here. I will give it to Gabby, Elysia’s little cutie pie. After making the tutu, I decided to make something for C. I had this cool red shiny costume fabric from an old uncompleted project and decided to make capes. I made one for C and one for Gabby’s brother Derrick. I made the necks too big and that fabric was really hard to sew, but they will be alright.
Here is the tutu and C modeling the cape.




C funny of the day (well not that funny, but he was trying to be funny): He decided that he wanted to make-up a joke. So he said, “Why did the boy sleep with his legos?” I said I don’t know. He said, “So he could play with them when he woke up silly.”
Here he is with Eamon showing off the ships they built.


Diario de Elysia said...

LOL C is tooo cute.

C said...

How cute! I need to make a cape at some point... I need a sewing machine at some point. Oh well. Wishes.
Did you use elastic for your tutu? I did ribbon with this one. I'm hoping it will then be able to grow with her. I'm a little afraid of trying elastic... lol

CandCFamily said...

I used elastic, just sewed the elastic together. Made it a little bigger than needed, it should last for a while, I hope. The only advantage to elastic is they can do it themselves versus needing help to tie.