Thursday, March 19, 2009

All the ways....

All the ways….that I can say I love you! C is such a loving dude and he loves to tell us how much he loves us and comes up with totally creative ways to say it.
One of my faves now is “Mom, I love you as many numbers as there is in the number line.”
Here are some other cool ones:
I love you to the moon and back.
I love you all the way to the sun.
I love you to California, Hawaii and back to North Carolina.
I love you to Hilton Head.
I love you four hundred billion miles. (This is a lot!)
I love you as hot as the sun.
I love you the most in the whole wide world.
I love you all over the United States of America.
Occasionally I will get an “I love you more than”…usually followed by…my toys….my legos…my Nintendo DS (Big one!)

He asked me the other day why I loved him. He just wants a short answer and I tell him how cool and loving and sweet he is or something like that. He is all that and more. I love that he is oh so loving and is always ready with a kiss or a hug or some sweet words.

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