Thursday, March 26, 2009

On the Savannah

C went to the doctor this week for his 5 year physical. Yes, we are late since he is almost 5 ½. He was late on the last one, too. He had his 4 year old one last May so he could get his shots to go to summer camp and then school. We hadn’t really seen the need to follow-up in October with another well visit. He did great at the docs, but was very worried that he was going to get a shot and he didn’t, so that made him super happy. He did get a finger stick which totally stressed him out, but that ended up not hurting at all.
His eye exam went well, they said he has 20/25 vision and his hearing is good. He has grown a bit from the last measurements. I think he was 45 inches and 38 pounds. He is now 46 ½ inches tall and broke the 40 pound mark at 40.6 pounds. So he is 50th percentile for weight and 80th percentile for height and staying on his growth curve which is awesome. The doctor was really funny and loved him and gave him lots of high fives and talked with him a lot to check his development. She LOVED it when she asked where do lions live and he said without a moment of hesitation, “on the Savannah”. She said she normally gets zoo, jungle, forest. So she was pretty impressed. She asked him what do lions, bears, giraffes, tigers and elephants have in common that we don’t have. (She stumped me on that one; I was going to say fur until she got to elephant). He said without hesitation “Tails”. Love it!

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