Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ah, Pool Season

Our pool opened up before the trip to California, but we did not manage to get in before we left. So yesterday Christopher finally got into the pool. I left him there with the neighbor and went home to finish steam cleaning the carpets, joy, not! He is such a little fishy, I am sure we will continue our tradition from last year and visit the pool almost every day now. Last year we went every weekend and almost every day after school. And, the bonus was he slept SOOOO good last night! He plays so hard in the pool, it always makes him sleep well. Yay! He had been off since our return from Cali/Las Vegas and not wanting to go to sleep at night and then being dead to the world still at 845/9:00 am. It was pretty hard getting him up.
Funny for the day (yesterday) is our neighbor asked us what we did in Vegas and he said, "We visited the casinos." No mention of the family picnic or the family dinner or anything, just the casinos, how embarrassing. Just makes me wonder what he tells his classmates at school.

The pic of the day is a flashback from the fist time Christopher was at the neighborhood pool:
First Time in Pool
This is toward the end of that first summer:
Pool 2004

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