Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Photography Blog

I was looking at a photogrpahy blog of a girl I know, I had only just now realized she had a blog and started her photography business. I always knew she took great pictures, just hadn't realized she was doing it professionally now. In her blog, I happened on a picture of Christopher and is it so cute. She specializes in weddings, maternity, babies, kids, and children's birthday parties. Which is a great idea, so you're not running around trying to get pictures at their birthday party and can enjoy it more or like me for his second where I forgot my camera. Doh! The picture was from his patching days (which are not over, will update in a new post) at a birthday party for his friend Mari in September. She really captured a cute shot of Christopher, his cupcake and the best blueberry gelato ever on his lap and his hand in his mouth.
Check it out on her blog: Amanda Olson Photography
Amanda is a great photographer, she took the Father's Day pictures of Christopher from last year. They turned out so cute despite my grumpy boy that day. She put them in a montage and emailed them to me. I added a poem and printed as an 8X10 and it was a great present for hubby. Hmmm, she is running a $50 special right now, I might need to get some pictures of Christopher done.

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