Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Always Exciting

Another exciting day. Christopher was at day care yesterday and decided it would be a good idea to swallow a quarter.
I was in training all afternoon, so they ended up getting hold of Chris to pick him up. I got the call after Chris was almost at the day-care. He was complaining that his belly hurt. Really, huh? Ya think! Well he took him home while I finished up at the office. The doctor said as long as he can eat/drink normally there is not much we can do. We need to make sure he passes it, but not anything else.
Christopher and I had a long talk about not eating/swallowing things that don't belong in his mouth and that if it had been worse he might have missed his trip to California. He wouldn't have been too happy about that.
He is back to normal today, thank goodness. Not sure that he learned his lesson as I caught him this evening putting a water bottle cap in his mouth. We never had these issues when he was a baby, why now?

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Diario de Elysia said...

it's his friends at school. Bad influences. LMAO