Monday, August 11, 2008

Sickies at Day-care

One thing I hate about having kid in day-care is sickies. Well, he started a new summer camp for two weeks at a realy cool day-care (and work footed more than half the bill) before he starts Kindergarten. I am pretty happy there and looking forward to using them for teacher work days. I walk in today and see a BIG notice that there was an incidence of Fifth's Disease there last week. Ugh! I soooo hope we don't get it. The note goes on to explain that it causes a fever of 102 degrees. I have heard it also called slapped cheek disease because your cheeks turn red and look like you have been slapped.
But on a positive note, we have been really happy there, they were exploring space last week and he got to learn about the planets and rockets and space shuttles. When he starts K, he gets to go to the big kid side where they have a cafe, game room, gym, and computer room. A few of the teachers had subbed or worked at our previous day-care and they even remembered C and took the time to say hi and help him get acclimated.

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Mommy's Nintendo said...

It's true what they say, though, about daycare kids getting their sick-days out of the way before they really start school. Pete is going into first grade and hasn't been really sick in a couple of years.

(I hope you miss out on the Fifth's Disease too...)