Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hmm, updates?

So it has been over a month. Wow! I have not been keeping up like I should. So I will try to catch up to what C has been up to. He finished up his swim lessons and did not quite graduate from Youth Level 3. I had thought he was an awesome swimmer and he just was average in the class and never really progressed while in the class. I do have to say I was less than thrilled with his instructor. She didn’t have a good handle on the kids and C knew it and was a big goof in the class. Then at lesson 7 of 8 realized she hadn’t even been getting his name right the entire session. Way to get a kid to listen to you, call them the wrong name for 3 ½ weeks. He enjoyed it, so that is what really matters. He wasn’t very happy that he didn’t “graduate” to next level, but he will be fine. We have been tinkering with the idea of swim team, but will probably wait until the next session.
He had his first project to do at school. They are studying Community Helpers and had to pick one to do a report on. He chose Police Man. I tried many times to correct him and say Police Officer, but he said, but I want to do Police Man. He had to write down ways they help the community, what they do, how they become one, and why he would want to be one. He made a nice poster board with police themed pictures and had to present in class. I asked him why he chose police officer and he said so he could have a “real gun”. LOL. I did find out he wasn’t the only kid in class that had decided that.

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