Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Long time no update. I think all my blog posts start similar to this.

This time I have a really good reason, no really I do.

So in the last few months we have been busy. We have yet another new addition, Miss M. We have always wanted to adopt and due to some fertility issues, we decided to try sooner than later to adopt. We decided to go through foster care and currently are foster parents to the sweet adorable little chunka-chunk Miss M. The plan is to adopt and we will see as we get closer to the date, hopefully nothing is standing in our way. In the meantime, we just enjoy her and giver her lots of love.

Miss M is 9 months old now and has been with us 4 months on Mother’s Day. She is super sweet, cute, happy, strong-willed and a pretty smart girl. She is standing on her own, eats everything you put in front of her (black beans, tomatoes, veggies, fruit, noodles, bread, etc.), claps, plays peek-a-boo, and fake sneezes so we have to say “bless you”. Her words are mam-mam, da-da, by-by, ba-ba, bruh (I think because we always say bro bro for C), and more. She has really bonded to us and kicks and screeches when one of us returns to the room or I pick her up from daycare or she sees daddy at the end of the day. I can’t tell you how much it melted my heart the first time I got that “mommy” recognition from her and I realized she is so totally happy that I just entered the room.

C is now 6 ½ years and I think it has gone by in a blink. He is still into BMX and any sport we let him play. He does Karate twice a week, plays soccer again (same team as fall with Coach Daddy), plays on a street hockey league, and wants Lacrosse sticks. I don’t think he has met or will ever meet a sport he doesn’t like. First grade is almost over. He lost two teeth and has two coming in (one where he hasn’t yet lost one). He is BIG, well I should say tall with legs that go on forever.

Happy Mother's Day:

C with his missing tooth:


The Smittys said...

hey! thanks for stopping over at our blog! your little boy is cute! and i will pray for your adoption! we are starting our next adoption now!

CandCFamily said...

Thanks! We are just waiting for finalization papers in the mail. :-)