Thursday, August 26, 2010

Second Grade

It seems like just yesterday that my baby started Kindergarten. But in reality, it was 2 years ago. Wow, does time fly. He is almost 7, getting so tall, looking like a big kid. These are the times that I really wish I could freeze time. I keep saying each year he just gets cooler and cooler. But he really is so cool right now! He is at an age where he still loves mom, not quite too afraid to show it, but just around the corner he will be. He has developed his own personality. He is a sports fanatic; he will even watch ESPN almost as much as he watches the Disney Channel. He spent the last few weeks watching the X Games on the DVR and then the Little League World Series.
I think he is more ready for the school year and it isn’t as terrifying since we know the routine, the school, and the kids. He has his little buddy from Kindergarten in his class so that made the morning super easy.
I look back today and he is looking so much older. He is growing so fast.


Beginning of School Day

First Grade:


Second Grade:


bel said...

Wow! He's such a big kid! I was frantically searching for the life-pause button the other day. It's too fast!!

Anonymous said...

Your son is ADORABLE! I look at him and it makes me realize that in a few short years my son will be heading off to school too. I'll have lots of tears on that day, happy tears, but tears nonetheless!

CandCFamily said...

It is way too fast! I would like a pause button, too.

No tears for second grade, but I was very teary for Kindergarten. It will sneak up on you, just goes by way too fast.

I thought the other day Miss M and C will start K and middle school at the same time. I need to stock up on the tissues for that day.