Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Girl

I made this outfit a while ago and being it was summer, I wasn’t ready for her to wear it. It is not quite Fall, but cool in the mornings so I finally put it on her. It was super cute on her and I set her on the bench outside day care to snap a few pics.

She was so stinkin adorable. I asked her to say cheese and this is what I got:

Then I eventually got the “I am tired of you taking my picture” eye roll:

She is such a happy girl in the morning. She is bouncing by the time I get to her crib and then jumps into my arms where I am greeted by huge hugs. She fusses for her diaper change if I take too long to get to her bottle. But, after she relaxes during her bottle, she just sits up and is so happy and ready to go. So much fun! My spunky little girl.


La Diva Latina said...

Nice job on the dress. She is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit! I sometimes wish I had a little girl to make cute outfits for. Someone in my FrederickMommies group writes a craft blog and does lots of repurposing of old clothes, you might like it:

EcoVeggieMaMa said...

She is so adorable!

Anonymous said...

She's beautiful, and you have a beautiful family!