Monday, February 13, 2012

Electronics Restriction

The dude was on electronics restriction this week for some bad choices at school. Nothing too major, but we need to keep his behavior in the positive direction. It turned out to be a good weekend. He was tuned out of electronics so he played a lot. He also decided that he was going to play more with the girls.
Friday, he did get TV because he had a babysitter. Saturday he ran errands with me and helped me clean the house. He wiped down the stair banister (his idea) and cleaned the blinds (my idea) and then emptied all the trashes and took recycling out (one of his chores). He got out his race cars and built a complex track in his room and played cars. Saturday night we had friends over for dinner and made home-made Valentine Cards that I found on Pinterest. We made some for the girls and some for him that he picked.
Sunday, he went grocery shopping with Hubs while I did M's hair. Then he read, went to the store with me, helped me make dinner, and then played more with the girls.
He was playing a dodge ball game with them. They would run and giggle and he'd throw the ball. He said, "Mom, I am missing them on purpose cause they are babies but when they are older and I'm like 16 and they're 10 I am not going to miss on purpose." They were so cute giggling and running from him while he threw the ball at them. Of course, a few times M dragged the baby while she was running away from him, but no tears were shed.
I like the idea of tuning out of electronics some and letting them just play, may have to do it more often. Not on Friday though, he has plans this Friday to come home and watch TV to celebrate being able to watch TV again.

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Casey Everly said...

Thank you for your comment! I did the same thing with my 13yr old. You'd have thought I removed her arms and legs, she didn't know what to do with herself. Then she pushed it a bit further, I'm sure thinking "mom has nothing left to take", HA! There went the bedroom door. I love my sassy girly.

Your children are beautiful!!!