Friday, October 26, 2012

Signed and Delivered

We have filed the paperwork for Charlie's adoption and now it is just a waiting game until we have the final decree in our hand. The goal for the court right now is to finalize for the November adoption party this year. We went down to the courthouse with her again just like we did for M's adoption filing. It is pretty uneventful, you pay a filing fee, hand over your paperwork and that's it. But it is a culmination of waiting, waiting, and more waiting and then a huge sigh of relief. It's signed and delivered. I knew she wasn't going anywhere, but it is good to have it filed with the courts. I will be very happy to get her decree and maybe start planning another vacation. I'll wait a little while before I try rushing to get a passport for her as I now know it is not a simple process to eventually get that birth certificate.
On the upside, we no longer need permission to travel with her (though after Myrtle Beach, Disney, Myrtle Beach again) we don't have any immediate travel plans. 
I am so happy with our family! It is so amazing that we have been blessed with such amazing kids. 

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Joy Kinard said...

Congratulations! I totally feel you on being free from having to have permission to travel. I will be so glad when those days have passed!