Thursday, September 10, 2009

Look who arrived

Stanley arrived at the house yesterday for a visit until next Tuesday. So far Stanley has only gotten to hang out with C and check out his new room. Tomorrow Stanley will go to C’s school for lunch with him.

Stanley from Joe:
C wanted to know why Joe hadn't colored Stanley's face and hands. He thinks everyone should be a "color". He is always brown when he colors himself and he usually makes me red or yellow. Wonder if the yellow is for normal and maybe the red is sunburn. I thought it was cute though.
Stanley Visiting C’s new room:
Stanley got to check out C’s new room that we just got done with. C wanted a BMX theme. Who knew how hard that would be??? They really don’t have any BMX bedding currently in stores or a lot of decorations. I wanted to get him some X Games sheets from Pottery Barn Teen, but they were sold out. I lucked up and found two Pottery Barn kids duvets on eBay. They don’t match, but it was the best we could do. The best one is for the bottom bunk and is BMX theme, it is super cool. The top bunk is skater boy. C wanted a red room and we compromised a bit and painted the bottom half red and the top half a light blue. Originally we were going to do an Extreme Games border, but haven’t decided if maybe it looks good just as it is. He picked out some X Games wallies at Target and voila we have a BMX room. He is pretty happy, loves the red in his room. He has a window seat that my Mother-in-Law is going to sew a cushion for, it will either be jean material or some cool Tony Hawk Fabric I got. We still need a curtain, too, but we will get it soon. Hmm, red or light blue, I am thinking if C gets to vote, it will be red. What do you think?
Here are some pics of his new room:

BMX Bedding:
Skater Bedding:


Kylie said...

What a cool room. HAve fun with your stanley. :)

Susana said...

Joe likes all of the BMX bikes in C's room! He says to tell him, "He bets Stanley will like his BMX bike too.":-)

Ticia said...

I love the picture of Stanley in C's room.

Gabriele said...

Love it! C's room is awesome! I bet Stanley is having a blast in there!! <3