Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How the kids enjoyed Mexico

Here are some pictures of how the kids enjoyed their time in Mexico.

The kids in the pool, one of my absolute faves. They really do like each other and make each other smile all the time. Makes me realize that I am so happy we were able to finally give C a sibling:

Me, my mom, and Miss M in the pool:

Miss M lounging on the chair under the Tiki Hut (Did I tell you how much I loved the Tiki Huts and chairs on the beach?)

We got to see and hold baby Sea Turtles. They had hatched at the resort so they gathered them up for the governement to come and get and deposit in less populated areas. They were so cute and small. You can also see in this picture that Maya had her hair braided while we were there. A lady on the beach did it and it was super cute!

A great picture of daddy and the kids in the pool:

We went to the Mexican Fiesta night at my mom's resort and the girls paid a lot of attention to C. She gave him a kiss and left lipstick on his cheek that we were not allowed to wipe off.

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(Erica) Rebel With.A.Cause said...

Awww It looks like you guys had a GREAT time!!! You have a beautiful family!!! I forgot that you live in NC, you should email me and tell me where cuz we live in NC to, and it would be great to get together if we are close!!!