Monday, September 12, 2011

Playgroup Beach Trip

We went to Kure Beach with our playgroup on Saturday. There were 30 of us that went to the beach and it was so much fun. We ended up renting a place with our friends and then two other couples also spent the weekend. Most people just went down for the day. It is nice living close to the beach; we used to do 3-4 day trips a year when money was tight when the dude was a baby. We would get up, start driving around 8 be at the beach by ten a.m. and stay a few hours before heading back home. The Fort Fisher recreation area is nice because there is free parking, easy beach access, bathrooms, a snack bar (seasonal), picnic tables, and showers. We did this trip as a playgroup last year and had a lot of fun. Everyone wants to make it an annual trip.

It was communal parenting at its best. Everyone shared snacks, umbrellas, kept an eye on everyone’s kids and just had a great time.

The weather was beautiful and we spent 6 hours out on the beach Saturday. The waves were a little rough with Katia (the hurricane) being off shore, but the sun was shining and it wasn’t even too windy.

Of course, Miss M ate a lot of sand after seeing baby D eating it. They loved playing in the sand and getting tons of attention from the other adults and lots of the older kids, too.

One couple brought this huge tube and the kids had a blast jumping on the tube and riding the waves. They bounced off it and kept getting back on for more. The dud loved it, he was out in the water most of the day. The kids slept like champs that night.

Tubing in the Ocean (next to the boy in the blue rash top you can see the back of dude's head):


More Tubing:


Today we got up and got Britt’s Donuts. (I posted about a trip there before). They were so yummy, I can see why they are so famous. Here are my kids with two other families’ kids, one of them is Christie, a fellow blogger, new friend, and playgroup member who I also stole the pictures from since my camera cord is MIA. She also adopted from foster care.

Donuts (the best shot we could get with my friend Kim's three ages 7, 3, 7 months, Christie's two ages 5 and 7, and my three):


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Quackenbaby-CQ said...

AW! We had SO much fun. Can't wait to do it again.