Monday, September 12, 2011

Taggie Blanket - I made it!

When we first started fostering Miss D, a group that I volunteer with gave me a monogrammed coordinating taggie blanket and burp cloth. She has loved this tag blanket to death. But, also Miss M takes it from her all.the.time. I have been meaning to dust off the machine for a while since I haven’t really sewn for a long time. I brought it out last week to make tutus (I only had to sew the elastic together) so I figured I needed to make this taggie sooner rather than later for Miss M. Oh don’t worry I bought enough fabric to make six, who knows what I will do with six or when I will have the time to make another 5. I have a problem when I walk in Joann’s Fabric. I buy fabric for all these great projects that usually don’t come to fruition. I still have fabric for the reusable sandwich bags I keep meaning to make.

Well, the taggie ended up being a pretty good bargain if I make at least two. They sell for around $15 for a small ten by ten. Miss M’s is sixteen by eighteen (not including ribbon) and I included this really, really cool flower embellishment.* All for a measly $20.04, 2 hours time, and 562 pin sticks on my fingers. I really think she will love it though. I did luck out and had a cool button Christie gave me from our tutu making session and my friend Kathy left her paisley ribbon for me because she said it is so me, yes I am a 70’s child and I love paisley.

I followed this tutorial and I got sidetracked looking at all the ribbon on that site. Mine doesn’t coordinate as much as that one, I just bought the fabric that was cute and on sale and the fleece was 50% off so I lucked up and I really like the purple tie-dye. As usual, I think I will be a lot faster the second time. I think I might need to invest in some finger protectors though before I make another.

I had been eyeing the taggies for sale on Pearhug Studio, so if you want one and aren’t motivated to make one, hers are really cute.

For the flower embellishment. I cut the extra fleece in three squares each progressively smaller. Then I cut those into circles with a wavy border. I then cut one small piece to look like the center of the flower. I stacked these and added a large button. I sewed these directly onto the fabric for the tag blanket. I think the flower is a really cool touch and Miss M will love it and stop stealing the babies blanket.

The finished blanket:


The finished blanket with the purple fleece showing:


The flower embellishment:


*Miss M is past the choking stage I probably wouldn’t include it if you had a much younger child. I did reinforce it super duper well, though.


Alison said...

I had no idea that they were so expensive!!! I just recently made one for my future nephew and one for Boogie. Nice to know that I saved so much money. :)

Yours looks awesome! I'm sure she loves it.

I'm Tiffany. said...

I love that you didn't use babyish fabric. The paisley floral is great.

Diane said...

Very cool blanket! I love it! You've got me motivated; now to find the time...

Handmade Mama said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blanket! You are brave to you minky but you did a fabulous job! They will love them!

Anonymous said...

Your taggie is so bright and fun! Thanks for linking to my shop, too! I also have the same "problem" when I go to a fabric store!