Monday, October 24, 2011

The NC State Fair

Against better judgment we went to the fair on a weekend. I dreaded the experience, but it was the only time we could go. I was sure it would be wall to wall crowded and just a mess. But, it actually turned out really well. Remember, we live in the Bible belt so we ventured to the fair at 930 am on a Sunday morning with the rest of the heathens.

We ate breakfast at the fair and it was so yummy, biscuits, eggs, grits, coffee. Miss M was too excited to eat, but dude and little lady ate most of the food. The baby ate half a biscuit, grits, and eggs. The dude ate every piece of egg that was on all of our plates. Miss M saw a clown and wasn’t afraid, even let the clown hold her hand and give her a sticker.

After breakfast we went to the rides and the kids loved the swing and a pirate ship. The two older ones went down a big slide. The dude rode this flying swing where he laid flat (he was afraid of this ride in years previous). It was then that Miss M wanted a snack. One of her favorite words, she asks for “snack” at least 50 times a day.

After a few rides we went to the petting zoo, the biggest hit with the two older kids. Baby napped during this. Miss M even fed the goats and a camel directly from her hand. Then, we went to the apple shack and got peeled, sliced, cored apples for the kids and a dumpling for us. Then got kettle corn (our routine) and headed to ride a few more rides. The dude went on two huge slides and then both girls got to ride the carousel and we were done. We did miss the stunt show that we watch every year and were kind of bummed about that. But we headed home about three hours after we arrived just as the crowds were piling in. Guess I would do the fair on a weekend again, but still would prefer a weekday so I could see some exhibits. We missed all of them.

The petting zoo:



The slide:


I'm Tiffany. said...

Hmm. Going to the fair during the special heathen hours didn't even occur to me. We just skipped it altogether.

Handmade Mama said...

Carly...I love the heathen comment. We are SDA and go to church on Saturday but we were heathens and went on Saturday instead this year! Ummmm...NOT SO MUCH! Never again will I go on a Saturday. It was CROWDED....did I mention how CROWDED it was! My twin sister took her 8 yo soon and his friend to ride while I handled Kayden and my 4 yo niece....hmmm. Did I say that it was CROWDED. Couple that with insane lines at the bathrooms (the girls ALWAYS waited until the last minute) and you get a PURELY exhausting day! Glad that you all had a great time....I will go during the Heathen Hours next year for sure....IF I even go!