Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Beach Trip

We took the kids to the Myrtle Beach for Father’s Day weekend. Hubby grew up going to Myrtle Beach, SC and I started going there during my college years at NC State. The first trip I ever paid and took my mom/sister on was to Myrtle Beach when I graduated college. It was such a big deal to my mom that I spent some of my own money to do something for her. Hubby and I also met in Myrtle Beach Labor Day weekend 1999. Friends of his and mine all knew each other and organized a big beach trip where we rented two big condos and my co-worker invited me along. So we have taken the kids there a few times, too. C started going at just a few months old. It may not be our favorite beach (not sure which one would be) but it is definitely in the Top 10 for our family.

This was Baby D’s first time to the beach and she loved it. I think it made it nicer that she can now sit up, so she showed off those skills and ate a ton of sand and she loves the water. We spent a big portion of our time on the beach with me, Miss M, and Baby D just sitting in the waves. Hubby always digs the kids a little pool and they loved that.

Miss M loves the pool, the beach, the water. She got up one morning and went on the screened porch of the condo we rented and started saying “Pool! Pool! Pool!” She wanted to do nothing more than to be in the water non-stop.

C was so happy that he got to play catch on the beach, play in the waves and loved having other big kids at the pool to play with.

As with most of our typical beach vacations, we really didn’t do much except go to the beach, go to the pool, and cook. It is funny that we cook more on vacation than we do at home, but with both of us working, cooking becomes so rushed at home.

Here is Miss M swimming:

Here are the kids posing on the beach chairs:


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