Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New About Me

I know I don’t keep the blog nearly up-to-date as I would like. I started it as a way to let my family see pictures and really that is all it still is. I have met 1-2 other moms through blogs that may or may not read this. But, I thought I would still update my about me in case someone new stumbled in and wanted to know more about us.

I met DH in 1999 and we quickly became friends and then I moved away to Philly a few weeks later. I still had season tickets to NC State Football (man I hate that I gave up those awesome seats) and so I came down to NC a few times and DH and I slowly started dating, then we quickly moved on and he moved up to Philly in December of that year.

In 2001 we moved back to NC and bought a house in Holly Springs because we knew there were good job opportunities, housing was relatively cheap, and we wanted to be close to his family when we started a family. We bought our house in May 2001, got married in February 2002. We decided to start that family and quickly found out I had blocked tubes. I had surgery for that in November 2002 and we got pregnant with C in January 2003. C was and always will be my pride and joy, couldn’t have imagined loving someone as much I do him. He is such a great kid and can’t believe how fast he is growing.

We decided in 2005 that we wanted to have another kid and thought it would be super easy since the doctors said they fixed the problem and we had C. Boy, was I wrong. We spent the next 4 years trying every Infertility treatment possible. Clomid, IVF with ICSI and managed to get pregnant three times. All three times losing the babies. It was heart breaking to say the least.

We had always discussed adoption and Hubby really wanted to try the foster care system. We agreed easily on the plan, took our MAPP classes, then sold our Holly Springs home and moved to Raleigh, then finally got certified as foster parents. Miss M joined our family in January 2010 and was adopted in August 2010. She is such an amazingly smart, cute, sassy girl and so easy to love. We started fostering Miss D in Janurauy 2011 and who knows where that will go.

So ask away if you want to be nosy (I am nosy) and get to know more.

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