Monday, April 30, 2012


I have a sister that is 18 years younger and you know we are all parenting experts before we have kids. My sister had a few quirks and was always very opinionated. She loved to pick out her own clothes and wear things that were not always appropriate. Read: Size 2T shorts when she was really a size 4/5. I already had a teenage mom complex when I had her out and about with me even though she was my sister, I felt like people assumed I was an unwed teenage mother. So, we'd have disagreements over what she'd wear a lot. I also remember dragging her out of an Old Navy store kicking and screaming. She was loudly protesting, "I want blue shoes!". 
I remember telling my mom, "Why do you let her choose what she wears?" Especially when she was looking like a homeless unkempt kid. I also said, maybe you should lock her closet and not let her have access to her clothes when she was changing 5 times a day. You know, cause I was an 18 year old parenting expert, ha!
Well, now years later, I have a very opinionated 2 year old who thinks she knows what she wants to wear. Let's be honest, she knows what she wants to wear and sometimes I try to steer her in the other direction and occasionally win. Small victories.
Some of her most recent words to me:
I no wanna wear dat!
I wear polka dots!
I no wear-a dose shoes!
I no like-a dat!

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