Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tiered Skirts and Minnie Shirts for Disney

I decided that I was going to continue the trend of matching outfits for the girls for our Disney trip. I was at the store today and they had hot pink bike shorts and black shirts for $2.50 each. I decided to make a Minnie appliqué shirt with the black shirts and then make a tiered skirt that the girls can wear the bike shorts underneath. It turned out to be a fun and relatively easy project.

I learned my lesson with the last set of appliqué shirts to not mess with Pellon brand, luckily I had some other steam-a-seam. The Pellon just does not stick well and when it does it tends to stick to the paper and not the shirt.

I decided to make the Minnie heads smaller and add a crown. I then did a straight line stitch instead of ziz zag around the design. The shirts turned out really cute and I used matching fabric to make the skirts. I didn’t really follow a single tutorial to make the skirts. I read a few blog tutorials then grabbed some skirts from the girls closet to follow how long I wanted them and their waist size. The strips for M’s were roughly 5.5X20 (waist), 5X28 (middle), 6X38 (bottom). Charlie’s were a little smaller. Gathering is probably one of my least favorite things in sewing while I am doing it, but it just turns out so darn cute, so I suffer through it.

I have a few more projects planned before we hit Disney, lanyards for the girls (dude has one already), emergency cards for all the kids, skirts for the girls to match the Mickey shirts, and pillowcase dresses from some Minnie fabric I found today. We’ll see if I can finish all that before we leave. Their Tiana dresses will be packed, too. I am sure M will wear a princess gown one day, too. Packing will be a lot of fun for this trip (the kid’s clothing aspect). 




Anonymous said...

Will you please make me one for PIB's birthday?! :-) They are so beautiful...how much would you charge?

Mama P said...

I wurve them! I wish you were driving by close enough where I could sneak some love from your babies!

CandCFamily said...

I wish we would have got to see you, too.