Sunday, February 24, 2008


This morning we saw a commercial for a circus and dude talked about how we went to the circus. The Ringling Brothers Circus was in town earlier this month. We went last year and were pretty excited to go again. He loved it! It was very cool. My favorite part is the elephants and the dude agreed with me. Hubs thought the Lion Tamer part was probably the coolest. We managed to score some discount tickets but they are still $costly$. We talked with some friends and discussed the costs and between admission, parking ($10), snacks ($9.50 for a drink and popcorn), and tickets, you're talking $100 for an afternoon out. Yikes! If you decide to get a little souvenir or picture on the toy elephant, both of those will run you an extra $20 each. We opted out of those.

The theme song was "You're so Beautiful" by James Blunt. This is one of the dude's favorite songs, he used to sing this song all the time before we expanded our kid's music collection to have more of a selection of songs, his faves now are Kids Bop CD's. He had not forgotten the words to the "Beautiful Song" as he calls it. He was singing right along. Just like children's TV shows and movies, there is a bit of an adult theme I guess to keep the parents entertained while the kids may or may not be oblivious to it. This year one clown was in love with one of the acrobat girls. I don't think he got it, per se. There was one funny where the girl climbed on this very tall pole and was swaying on this pole practically right above us and he said, "Mom, look at her bum bum!".

A few pics from the circus:

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