Friday, February 29, 2008

Class Hamster

Two weeks ago The dude's class lost the class hamster Rush. We get a daily sheet of what is going on and occasionally they will include pictures (which I love!). I get these right after lunch while the kids are "resting", so a great start to my afternoon at work seeing my little guy. On the day they buried the hamster, I got this pic of him holding the tin with Rush inside. The summary was:
Today we buried Rush outside our classroom window (the side his cage was on). The children each had the opportunity to say their final goodbyes to Rush. Many of the children told him they “loved him”, “would miss him”, and that “he was a great class pet”. The children worked together to dig a hole large enough to place the tin can and helped to cover the hole by patting the dirt in.
When I picked him up he told me about his day and that Rush went to Hamster Heaben (Heaven). He also colored a sheet and they put the art work on the wall dedicated to Rush.
Today's summary was:
Before going to the woodchip playground, we visited Rush. The children were reminded what happened to Rush and had the opportunity to say “hello” to him. The children also said, “We miss you” and “I love you, Rush.”
They have since gotten a new class hamster, but I am not sure what his name is. The dude said it is Whitey, but the other day he tells me his name is Fluffy or Cloudy, but he likes the name Whitey better, so that is what he is going to call him. Haha.

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