Friday, February 13, 2009

100th Day

This week was the 100th day of school. I decided I would volunteer in the classroom for the 100th day. I also got to have lunch with him. It is a pretty exciting day for the Kindergartners especially and the teachers try to make it really cool.
They had a take home assignment to do a 100 Day Project. C painted a plaque red and then I put an outline of 100 and he glued 100 beads to the outline of the 100 and then put some cool wooden figures around it, a boy, bus, school house, and pencil. It turned out really nice. I got to see some of the other projects and they were cool. Some included a poster board with race track and 100 race car stickers, a poster board and a picture of a Pokemon ball with 100 Pokemon stickers, a Lego board with 100 Legos spelling out 100, 100 M&M's on a paper. They were also encouraged to dress for the 100 day. I think around 6 of the kids did, one girl had 100 beads bedazzled on her shirt, a girl had ten hearts each with ten dots in them, a little boy had 100 stars stamped on his shirt (really liked this one), and C had 100 ironed on to his shirt. It turned out cool.
The day in the classroom was a lot of fun. The kids made 100 day glasses, 100 day trail mix, wrote numbers up to 100 on a piece of paper, and decorated a 100 day Mascot, Spot with 100 spots. His teacher is really good and always does some really cool stuff with the kids. All of the kids enjoyed their special day.
Here he is making his 100 day glasses:
Here is the class (me included in picture):
Here is C and the 100 day Mascot Spot:
Here is C and his wonderful teacher:


brandileigh2003 said...

That is really neat!

Amanda Olson said...

He is getting to be such a big boy! He is still as adorable as ever though!