Sunday, July 10, 2011


I love the girls so much! I cannot begin to even describe the joy I get from watching Miss M read to Baby D or watch them interact. Now tonight, I wanted to separate them as Miss M sat on baby D for the third time or tried to cover her with the towel for the second time. But about 99% of the time, they have the sweetest interactions.

Yesterday I sat and watched them for probably about 15 minutes. Baby D was in the bouncer just bouncing away and Miss M pulled her music chair up to the bouncer and was “reading” from a book like she was a teacher. The funny thing was she was “reading” a klutz magnet and science book and showing Baby D all the pictures like she would totally be interested. It was super cute, though.

I put Baby D in the shopping cart with Miss M for the first time yesterday and Miss M could not have been any happier. She hugged her, patted her, talked to her, and smothered her. By the end of the trip, Baby D had enough, but I loved watching them play and laugh and smile and coo.

Here is Miss M “reading” to baby D, who just wanted to eat the book:


Here they are in the cart:



TheresaB+3 said...

That is so sweet! Thank you for sharing them :)

I'm Tiffany. said...

They're lucky to have each other.

Quackenbaby-CQ said...

Cutie pies! I wish I had mine that little, but it's fun as they get older too!

Mama P said...

How CUTE! They look almost identical to my two! I'll have to email you a photo sometime so you can see! lol